A PASSERBY has told of a narrow escape when a car crashed in the city centre. 

The black car careered out of control and smashed into a phone box in Grand Parade, Brighton, in the early hours. 

Pictures taken after the crash, which happened at about 12.30am this morning, reveal the carnage after the crash near the Easy Hours shop.

A passerby said: “He was driving and lost control, it all happened very quickly. 

“He went through a phone box and I got out of the way just in time as I was giving a homeless man a sandwich.

“It was seconds afterwards and I just wanted to go home.”

Asked how close the car came to hitting him, the passerby replied: “Let’s just say closer than I’d have liked.”

People gathered to witness the fallout after the incident and officers can be seen inspecting the wreckage. 

Sussex Police have been contacted for comment.