WHILE I agree with 90 per cent of what the sage, Adam Trimingham, says about cycle lanes in his latest column, I must disagree with him about the one on the seafront in Hove.

He describes it as “sharing a space with a limited number of pedestrians”.

This cycle lane is narrow and not separated from pedestrians and as a regular user I think is extremely dangerous.

I like the council’s idea of taking part of the main road to create a totally separate cycle lane.

But I agree with Adam that the proposed lane is “absurdly wide”, as is the new one in Old Shoreham Road.

In stark contrast the one in Dyke Road is absurdly narrow.

Why does the council need to take the whole width of a car lane for bicycles? Maybe it is because of some new regulation but a compromise on half a lane would certainly work for me.

Paul Chandler

Rose Hill