A SADISTIC sex killer has demanded compensation from prison chiefs because he can’t get enough chips.

Graham Coutts was found guilty of murdering Jane Longhurst in Brighton in 2003.

But despite serving a life term at HMP Wakefield, he has continued to protest his innocence via friends who update a blog.

His latest moan, according to the blog, is over the size of a portion of chips in prison.

It was revealed it would be his 12th complaint against the prison service.

The Argus reported last month how 51-year-old Coutts is still complaining over not being switched to a Scottish prison so he can be closer to his mother.

He described his jail time in Wakefield as a “hellish abyss”.

Now his compensation claim over chips and the lack of baked beans has been added to his long list of grumbles.

The Argus:

Evil killer Graham Coutts is serving life in prison

He moaned: “They’ve started rationing the portion size of chips. I’m going to do something about the kitchen’s cavalier approach to providing a sufficient quantity of food. Case number 12 is being drafted.”

Coutts was originally found guilty of murder at his first trial in 2004, which was later quashed.

At his retrial in 2007 a jury again found him guilty of Jane Longhurst’s murder.

She was a popular teacher and musician Brighton. Coutts, of Leven, Fife, was the partner of her friend Lisa Stevens.

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It was reported that he had held fantasies of strangling women from the age of 15.

He kept the naked body of Ms Longhurst, who was 31, in a storage box for three weeks and desecrated it.

Jane’s mother Liz Longhurst led a battle to make possessing pornographic images of torture, rape and necrophilia a criminal offence, and in 2009 gained 50,000 signatures supporting her campaign.

The Argus:

Talented musician and teacher Jane Longhurst was murdered

Jean Calder, director of the For Our Daughters charity which campaigns against sexist violence, said: “This man is a sadist who brutally murdered a much-loved teacher and musician, locking her body in a storage box, defiling and desecrating it in a variety of ways.

“He is a danger to women and I hope he will never be freed.”

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Coutts told followers on his blog: “I’m still trapped in the nightmarish abyss that is HMP Wakefield.”

His previous claims include alleging prison officers lost or deleted CDs of songs he had written.

The Prison Service said it “robustly defended his claims”.