A VIDEO has emerged of people pleading with police over the way they are arresting a black man.

The video was taken in York Road, Hove, and shows four Sussex Police officers holding the man to the floor in handcuffs. 

A passerby can be heard pleading with officers to let him sit up while the man shouts “please, please, please”.

Sussex Police said the was found in possession of a pair of garden shears and a subsequent search found two kitchen knives and suspected stolen goods. 

However, no charges have been brought against him and the man was later released under investigation.

The Argus:

A passerby, who filmed the incident on his phone, said he believed the man was on his way to work. 

The incident happened near the Co-op in Western Road at about 12.15am on June 26. 

The man, who is being held to the floor by four officers, says: “Look at what they’re doing.”

At least four different passers-by plead with officers to use less force on the man. 

One says: “Let him sit up for Christ’s sake… let him sit up…”

A woman pleads: “What is the matter with you?

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The video comes after footage emerged of a man claiming he could not breathe while being held to the ground by Sussex Police officers.

The video shows three police officers arresting a man in Montpelier Road,  Brighton.

During the footage the man, who is from the Bame community, claims one officer has an arm across his throat, but the officer appears to reply that his arm is across the man’s collarbone.

The Argus:

“That is my Adam’s apple and you are crushing it,” the man said. The officer denies this and says: “I am not on your throat.”

Brighton and Hove policing commander, Chief Superintendent Nick May, has made a statement on both arrest videos which can be found here.