A PAIR of filmmakers at a loose end amid the coronavirus crisis have turned their hand to organising a huge drive-in cinema.

Big Sky Cinema Drive-In is opening later this month and will screen films from Finding Nemo to Jaws.

Vicky Holden and Lara Leslie, from Lewes, have arranged to display the films on a 100m HD LED Screen.

The first film will be shown by the beach at Martello Fields in Seaford, and more are set to be screened across Sussex this summer.

The Argus:

Vicky, 42, works for the BBC, and Lara, 43, runs an animation business. Both have had less work to do recently, but wanted to make sure people could still see the films they love in Sussex.

Vicky said: “We’re both filmmakers, and with coronavirus nothing much was happening with work.

“So we decided to set up a drive-in cinema, teaming up with lots of local food companies, who had seen lots of their business go as events were cancelled.

“There’s going to be music and people will be able to have food and drink delivered to their cars.

“We’ve never done anything like this before.

“I think this lockdown is making people more creative and look for new ways to keep their businesses alive.”

With the holidays looming and many live events cancelled, Vicky and Lara hope their event will offer something to keep everyone entertained.

Films set to be shown include Quadrophenia and Rocketman as well as Strike, an award-winning stop frame animation made in Sussex.

Vicky added: “The atmosphere’s going to be really fun. Since the coronavirus rules have relaxed slightly, people will be able to stay with their cars and put chairs out too.

“Friends will be able to see each other, but also be in their own little bubbles in their cars.”

Screenings will be held on the state of the art LED screen and using professional audio equipment.

The Argus:

There are three films a day at Seaford for five days from July 30.

Entry for a “standard car” with two people is £37.80. Extra people pay £5.50 with concessions.

Other films include Back to The Future, Up, Jurassic Park and Grease, as well as Finding Nemo and Moulin Rouge.

For more information and to book tickets visit www.bigskydrivein.co.uk.

Outdoor film screenings are an increasingly popular form of entertainment under lockdown.

Later this year a retro-style drive-in cinema is coming to Brighton Marina.

From October 1, there will be a line-up of classics, family favourites and critically acclaimed flicks.