THE Government has announced that face coverings will be mandatory in shops and supermarkets across England from Friday, July 24. 

After mixed messages on the effectiveness of face masks, the Government has now stated that wearing a covering may protect others if people are infected but not yet showing symptoms. 

However, some senior Government advisors have warned that face coverings may offer people a false sense of security and thorough hand hygiene should remain paramount.

Once the law comes into force you must have your mouth and nose covered or you risk a £100 fine which is reduced to £50 if paid within 14 days. 

Face coverings can include scarves, bandanas and other fabric items but so far most people have chosen to wear face masks as a way of ensuring public safety. 

The Argus: A sales clerk at a pharmacy rings up a purchase of face masks as fears of the coronavirus continue

The public have been asked not to use medical-grade surgical marks and visors and instead to opt for fabric coverings that tie behind the head and offer a “snug fit”. 

So far only England and Scotland have announced the mandatory wearing of face coverings in shops

Having an effective face covering is becoming increasingly important to the protection of public health, as a result people across Brighton have taken up the task of hand-making  face masks. 

A few of the exceptional hand-made face mask makers from the city are: 

Scarlett Sky Studio 

The Argus:

Scarlett Sky Studio is an independent business that creates leather and vegan bags in Brighton.

During the pandemic they have been creating handmade, fully washable and 100 per cent cotton masks. 

Price for a face mask: £10.00. Available here

Emer Barry Shop

The Argus:

In response to the global pandemic and the amount of single-use face masks being used, owner Emer Barry decided to open up her own online shop to start hand-making face masks.  

Made from quilted cotton the masks are triple lined and have elastic fixings behind the ears.  

Price for a face mask: £8.00. Available here

The Flat of Kat

The Flat of Kat is an artistic online shop selling accessories and hand made items for children and travellers. 

This small business currently makes masks for children and adults with funky designs and filter pockets. 

The masks are available in multiple sizes including:

  • Child (2-5 years)
  • Junior (6-10 years)
  • Small adult
  • Adult

Price of a face mask: £7. Available here

Fidditch Designs

Prior to lockdown Fidditch Designs created bespoke lingerie and hand-dyed and limited edition lace items. 

However as a result of lockdown owner Kathryn has turned her hand to stitching face masks for the nation as well as running her lingerie business. 

Price for a face mask: £7. Available here