NO “targeted action” to quash coronavirus outbreaks has been taken in Sussex, according to Public Health England.

The Government says it has been using “targeted action” to contain more than 100 local outbreaks of Covid-19 across the country each week.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said flare-ups are being “swiftly and silently” dealt with because increased testing means officials can now be targeted in their response.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph on Sunday, he said most measures to contain outbreaks will centre on small areas and do not involve an entire city like the local lockdown in Leicester.

These small-scale lockdowns could involve a single business or building, he said.

He added that these interventions often go unreported in the media and unnoticed except by those involved directly.

But Public Health England confirmed no such action has been taken in Sussex.

A spokeswoman said: “There haven’t been any lockdowns in Sussex.

“All cases of Covid-19 are dealt with when they arise and the appropriate public health advice is given to help stop the spread of the virus.”