PEOPLE have complained about Freeview issues.

The service was down across Brighton and Hove last night, possibly due to new 4G masts which have gone live in the city.

This can cause TV interference because the signals sit next to the frequencies used by Freeview (800 MHz).

Signs include a blocky picture, loss of sound or a “no signal” message.

Mobile phone operators have been rolling out the new fourth-generation (4G) mobile networks to provide faster wireless broadband.

If your reception is poor, free help is available from a company called AT800. It was set up by mobile operators to provide support households who rely on Freeview to receive TV and are affected by 4G-related interference.

Ben Roome, chief executive, said: “We want to ensure people know it’s our role to fix Freeview interference caused by 4G at 800 MHz and that there’s no charge. If you rely on Freeview for TV, we can send you a filter to fit yourself, free, which fits into the aerial lead connecting to TVs and set-top boxes to block mobile signals. Full instructions are included, and we can provide further advice.”

For more information call 0808 13 13 800 or visit