BEAUTICIANS fear strict coronavirus guidelines could lead therapists to cut corners and give rise to a black market in treatments.

On Monday, visor-clad beauticians across the country welcomed back customers for waxing, nail-painting and massages.

They are allowed to carry out treatments below the neck, but procedures including eyebrow-threading and lip waxing are forbidden.

The Government says this is to minimise the risk of face-to-face contact and the aerosol transmission of coronavirus.

The British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology has warned beauticians they could face two years in prison if they fail to comply with the guidelines.

Therapists in Brighton have raised fears this may lead to treatments going underground – which could risk customers’ safety.

Julie Coates, who owns The Lanes Health and Beauty in Market Street, Brighton, worries beauticians may start “cutting corners” to meet a demand for banned procedures.

The Argus:

“There are already beauty treatments on the black market – girls doing lashes and brows when they aren’t allowed,” she said.

“Hopefully people might think twice about salons that cut corners.

“If we did it we could be subjected to hefty fines and two years in prison. I’ve not seen anything like that for other industries.”

The Argus:

Gokce Cinar, who owns Daisy’s Nail Company in Preston Street, Brighton, said it was “really scary” to hear jail sentences could be levelled against rule-breakers.

“We’re under enough pressure and we’re doing all we can to protect clients and ourselves,” she said.

“I don’t understand why all eyes are on us. I don’t think our clients are that stupid that they’d risk their own lives.

“But I have heard a couple of places doing it – and people are complaining when it gets out.”