TWO boys became construction wizards under lockdown and built a crane in their back garden.

Daniel and Matthew Silk, aged ten and seven, donned hard hats and set about attaching the wooden weight-bearing contraption to their climbing frame in Haywards Heath.

The boys filmed their project and their father Stuart was so impressed he sent the clip to a building company, who treated the boys to a surprise.

The Argus:

Stuart, who is a vicar at All Saints’ Church in Lindfield, said: “I have done quite a few building projects in recent years so the boys are used to seeing Parker Building Supplies lorries delivering materials.

“We thought having our own crane in the garden would be fun and it kept the boys busy and entertained for hours.

“When they also made the video of it I thought Parker’s should see it. I certainly didn’t expect what happened next.”

Stuart told Parker Building Supplies: “Should a delivery truck with a crane be going by perhaps they could drop in to the boys”.

The Argus:

Mark Bootle, manager of Parker Building Supplies, said: “We were so impressed with the boys we decided to surprise them.

“We headed out in our large delivery truck to pay them a visit.

“Our driver, Sean, pulled up outside and showed the stunned boys how the crane worked while dropping some mini jumbo bags on their lawn as a demonstration. The boys were given some Parker Building Supplies goodies and also got the chance, under very careful supervision, to operate the crane themselves too.”

Stuart said: “It was absolutely brilliant. The boys were totally surprised by it all. The goodie bags with lots of gifts were fantastic and the actual lorry with a crane right outside our door was the icing on the cake.

“It’s all the boys have talked about since.”