PENNY sweets, records, old clothing brands - over the years Brighton has seen many shops come and go.

We all know sadly a trip around a city centre isn’t quite the same as it used to be.

Recently the high street has taken a hit as more and more of our favourite shops announce closures.

Before the days of Primark and Poundland the city had its own independent department stores like Hanningtons and Wades.

In years to come perhaps we will fondly remember stores such as Toys R Us (pictured below), BHS, and Gamleys having a presence in the city centre.

The Argus:

  • Toys R Us in Hove above and Gamleys below

The Argus:

For now we can look back at the good ol’ days when we could spend our hard-earned cash at a variety of shops.

Recently, we asked you what shops you would you bring back if you could.

And, we have to say you’ve come up with some brilliant suggestions, including some shops we’d forgotten about but were delighted to be reminded of.

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Here are just a few of your suggestions.

Out of the 200 responses we had, 144 of you said you missed Woolworths.

One of the very early Woolworths stores, the Brighton branch opened in Western Road on 5th August 1916.

The Argus:

  • Woolworths in Western Road. The store closed for good in 2008

It was joined by two further Brighton stores in London Road and St James Street in 1927.

The James Street store became a 10/10 new format store in the 2000s, before closing for good on 30 December 2008.

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George McColl said: “I miss Woolworths but as it was in the 80s and earlier.

"It all went wrong in the late 90s when it stopped selling a lot of useful stuff.”

Tina Gander wrote: “Yes Woollies and BHS. Richards Shop was lovely too.

The Argus:

  • BHS in Churchill Square

"Also Wades they use to do a lovely Santa's grotto and you got a good present all these where in Brighton my hometown.

"Happy memories of those days long since gone.”

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A number of people mentioned C&A, which used to be Western Road until 2000.

Others mentioned The Pie Shop in St James’ Street as another takeaway favourite.

Hanningtons was also mentioned several times.

The department store in North Street traded for nearly 200 years until its closure in 2001.

Emma Snowden said: “Hanningtons. I used to love to there at Christmas time.”

The Argus:

  • Hanningtons

Jacob Marley Fincham said he missed BHS, which closed 2016.

He wrote: “I used to go to their smoke-filled cafe every Saturday with my Nan.”

Other clothes shops included Chelsea Girl, Tammy Girl, Principles and Poppets.

Other high street favourites that are missed were Gamleys, Toys R Us, Mothercare, Poundstretcher and Blockbuster (below).

The Argus:

  • Who remembers the old Blockbuster in Western Road?

Sharron Patrick added: “Selfishly.... Thomas Cook Shops.”

The Argus:

  • Thomas Cook closed two Brighton stores last year

Buck Quartermain said: “John Menzies- I’ve still got a £5 gift voucher from 1998 I need to use!”

And Carl Sullivan said: “Virgin records when it was in its infancy at the clock tower.”

The Argus:

  • Virgin Records

Darcy Jinks said: “I miss Dirty Larry’s Magazines and Videos.”

  • Have we missed any of your favourites? Comment below or email us at