A NEW store dedicated to flip flops has opened in Brighton city centre.

The Havaianas shop opened for the first time this week in Bond Street, showcasing the company’s signature colourful footwear.

Bosses said the store is here to “provide some much-needed summer spirit” and will feature all of the brand’s latest products including clothing and accessories.

The first pair of Havaianas, the Portuguese name for Hawaiians, were made in 1962 based on the traditional Japanese sandal known as the Zori.

The soles of these are made from rice straw, and the Brazilian brand’s flip flops still feature this distinctive texture on their rubber soles.

Within two years of the first pair being made, “practically every worker in Brazil wore a pair of Havaianas”, the brand claims.

A spokesman said: “At first, Havaianas were only available in blue and white. But in 1969, a production error produced a batch of green Havaianas, which ended up hitting the marketplace. The reaction was so positive that Havaianas seized the opportunity and started producing more colours.”

The flip flops also entered the world of high fashion in 1999 when they made a runway debut in French designer, Jean Paul Gaultier’s show

Havaianas are now worn by customers across the world, and the brand sells more than 200 million pairs each year.