LOCKDOWN has been a testing time for even the most socially reclusive among us.

But the people of Brighton and Hove have often found ways to make the weeks more bearable; be it singing in the street, huge Zoom quizzes with friends or, bizarrely, mounting a picture of our monarch wearing a mask in their window.

So, we asked readers if there was anything they would miss about lockdown as the Government continues to ease measures.

The most common answer to crop up was the “slower pace of life”.

The Argus:

Many people said they had enjoyed the lack of traffic and clean air that came with the lockdown.

Noddy Tracy Mackeddie said she would miss the “quiet and deserted streets” saying the lack of traffic had been “blissful”.

“(I will miss) time to appreciate the quietness and stillness of the world without crazy work routines like the commuter hours,” she said.

And Demita Harman agreed.

She said: “What I will miss is the quietness and people being in lockdown. It was lovely.”

The Argus:

But she said she wouldn’t miss regular updates to government guidelines “changing everything”.

Toni Wallace, meanwhile, said she had enjoyed the “peace and quiet” in Kemp Town’s Eastern Road during the lockdown with less vehicles on the road.

“The air smelt fresh and we could hear the birds,” she said.

But, with the lifting of certain lockdown restrictions, she said the road is now “worse than ever” with “more cars than before”.

For others, however, there were other advantages to lockdown.

Chris Duffy enjoyed taking some time away from his work schedule.

The Argus:

He said: “Doing nothing at home and being paid for it, that’s what I mostly miss.

“Empty Brighton was nice as well.”

But some people took the chance to reflect on things they would not miss.

Amy Young said: “I won’t miss all the virtue signalling of those people who like to judge people who might be doing anything at all that could be classed as remotely enjoyable.”

And Maz Beard seconded this, joking that she would miss the “self-certified scientists”.