A LEADING Labour Group member has quit the party after being reported for alleged anti-Semitism.

Councillor Kate Knight, deputy chairwoman of the council’s children, young people and skills Committee has told council that she has resigned as a member of the Labour Party and from the council’s Labour Group with immediate effect.

She said she is not anti-Semitic and said it was “a scourge that blights our society and every political party”.

Her departure means Labour and Greens now have equal members on the council, which could prompt a council takeover bid.

Council Leader Nancy Platts today said it brought shame on the whole Labour Party to see the posts.

She said: “On behalf of the Labour Group, I am truly sorry to the Jewish community for the hurt these posts have caused.

“I reached out to a leading member of the local Jewish community last week. Following that conversation I have re-circulated information to my Group, stressing the importance of checking the reliability of sources before sharing on social media.

“Antisemitism is a poison that must be challenged wherever it raises its head. Hatred towards Jewish people has no place in our society.

“I have agreed with the Labour Group that we will establish a Code of Conduct for all Labour councillors. This will have an emphasis on social media and the absolute necessity of ensuring people know that what they’re sharing comes from trusted sources of information, and the importance of recognising antisemitic tropes.

“Councillor Knight has taken the right action in resigning from the Labour Group and the Labour Party.

“We will continue to take steps to address antisemitism, and actively challenge racism in our city.”

The council understands that several complaints have recently been made to the national Labour Party based mainly on allegedly antisemitic posts Councillor Knight made on Facebook between 2016 and March 2019.

Councillor Knight is now an independent councillor representing the Moulsecoomb and Bevendean ward in the city.

Cllr Knight said: “I abhor antisemitism which, along with all other forms of racism, is a scourge that blights our society and every political party. I am not antisemitic and I regret if anything I posted caused distress, as this was not my intention.

“I do not want this matter to distract from the vital work that the council needs to do, as we all continue to come to terms with the effects and future consequences of Covid-19.

“So, after deep reflection and with much regret, I have resigned my membership of the Labour Party with immediate effect and I have advised Cllr Nancy Platts of this.”

Last week, the Labour administration was rocked this week by the suspension of another one of its leading councillors, Anne Pissaridou, over the sharing of allegedly anti-Semitic material on social media.

The council’s memberships is now consists of 19 members of the Labour Group, 19 from the Green Group, 13 from the Conservative Group and three independents.