A REBEL group of Labour councillors say they oppose sharing power with the Greens.

Seven Brighton and Hove city councillors from the Labour Group released a statement this morning to “voice opposition to a formal coalition with the Green Group”.

The Greens are currently the largest party on the city council after Labour councillors Kate Knight and Nichole Brennan both resigned from the party yesterday.

The rebel group behind the statement includes city council culture chief Councillor Carmen Appich, mayor Alan Robins and planning chief Councillor Tracey Hill.


The councillors also questioned the legitimacy of an emergency Labour Group meeting held yesterday morning.

Cllr Hill said a motion was passed at the meeting exploring formal power-sharing with the Greens, something Labour Group councillors had rejected in a meeting held on Friday.

“A number of people who seemed to be opposed to the idea on Friday voted in favour of it yesterday,” she said.

“What we’re waiting for at the moment is what the other parties will do.”

The meeting was chaired by Cllr Knight, the rebel group claims. They say she resigned from the party “minutes after the meeting ended”.

The Argus: Cllr Kate Knight resigned yesterday after she was reported for alleged anti-Semitism on social mediaCllr Kate Knight resigned yesterday after she was reported for alleged anti-Semitism on social media

Cllr Knight quit the Labour Party yesterday morning after she was reported for alleged anti-Semitism. She said she is not anti-Semitic.

“It's also concerning the chair of the meeting was apparently already aware of her imminent suspension from the party,” the rebel group’s statement read.

“As you know, our group meeting on Friday concluded we didn't want to consider power sharing at this time.

“As there was no agreement on Friday to consult with members, the vast majority of party members haven't been asked for a view.

“It's disappointing therefore ‘opinions of the membership’ was given as the reason for yesterday morning's emergency meeting, called at an hour's notice.”

Aside from Cllr Appich, Cllr Robins, and Cllr Hill, Labour councillors Peter Atkinson, Les Hamilton, Chris Henry, and Jackie O’Quinn also signed the letter.

They said they opposed any power-sharing deal with the Greens as they claimed many residents still associate them with “administrative incompetence”.

The Argus: Mayor Alan Robins is one of seven Labour councillors opposing a power-sharing deal with the GreensMayor Alan Robins is one of seven Labour councillors opposing a power-sharing deal with the Greens

“The Labour Party is not the Green Party,” they said.

“In 2019 we campaigned on a Labour Party manifesto which puts the concerns and ambitions of ordinary people across the city first.

“We want a healthy, thriving, clean and sustainable city which works for everyone and we believe, as we always have, that Labour is the party to deliver it.

"We do not want to rewrite our manifesto in a bid to stay in power which is not workable.

“While we share some of the Greens' aspirations and want to work with them where we can, we support our current arrangement of co-operating in certain policy areas, yet maintaining a strong Labour voice in areas such as jobs, the economy and running the basics of city well.

“Anything beyond co-operation would be inexplicable to residents who still associate the Greens with administrative incompetence.”

The rebel Labour councillors also said they were dismayed at alleged “anti-Semitic material serving councillors have shared on social media”.

“We must right the wrongs that have been done to the Jewish community and work hard to regain the trust of the public,” he said.

The Labour Group declined to comment when approached by The Argus.

The Green Group has not yet responded for comment.

Cllr Knight has also been contacted for comment.