AN independent has blasted the Labour Administration after it announced that it is to hand power to the Greens. 

Councillor Bridget Fishleigh, the independent representative for Rottingdean Coastal, has spoken out after the shock announcement this evening. 

The city is set to go Green after a week of shock Labour resignations and suspensions amid anti-Semitism accusations.

The current leader of Brighton and Hove City Council, Nancy Platts, has written to her Labour councillors to tell them they are handing over power “in the interests of democracy and the city”. 

The Argus:

The Greens became the largest party on the council after two Labour councillors resigned yesterday.

Cllr Fishleigh said: “Labour have failed this city. This demise reflects incompetence from council Labour leadership; who should hold their heads in shame.

“That said, like many other residents who lived through the last Green administration, I’m nervous.  

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“Many people see the Greens as a cuddly non-threatening alternative. 

“However it is the Greens who are responsible for the i360 white elephant, the disastrous Valley Gardens scheme which will drive away tourists -  and a refusal to embrace Park and Ride to help minimise traffic gridlock. 

“I can only hope that the Greens won’t let their political dogma stop them from implementing the changes that our city so badly needs.

“Finally, the three Labour councillors who brought about this situation should not continue as councillors drawing down public funds of some £13,000 a year.  

“They should resign and by-elections held as soon as possible, even if we have to wait until next year.”

Labour Councillor Nichole Brennan quit the party yesterday evening, just hours after another Brighton and Hove City Labour councillor, Kate Knight, resigned over the sharing of alleged anti-Semitic posts.

Cllr Brennan was being investigated after photos of her holding up a sign calling Israel a “racist, apartheid state” were given to The Argus. She is not suspended from the party.

Their departure comes less than a week after the Labour administration was rocked by the suspension of one of its leading councillors, Anne Pissaridou, over the sharing of allegedly anti-Semitic material on social media.