SAINSBURY'S has said it won't challenge customers who aren't wearing a mask in stores from July 24.

Face masks will be compulsory in shops and supermarkets from Friday, the Government have announced.

Anyone who fails to adhere to the new rules will face a £100 fine.

The changes will follow Scotland where face coverings have been mandatory in shops since last week.

The new rules will be enforced by the police, not shop workers who should instead "should encourage compliance", officials said.

The Argus:

Sainsbury's shoppers have been wondering how the store is reacting to the changes. 

Sainsbury's told Twitter users: "We won’t be challenging customers without a mask when they enter or when they are in store since they may have a reason not to wear a mask."

The news was met with a mixed reaction.

One customer responded: "Thank You SO MUCH for that clarification.

The Argus:

"I cannot wear a Mask, for respiratory reasons (ironically after wearing 'protective' masks for 18 years at my work) they didn't work, they still don't.

"So sick of abuse through Ignirance. I can protect myself and others without Govt."

Another added: "Well done you have gained a customer."


A third said: "Definitely lost a loyal customer there - I’m sure you’re well aware (and possibly even encouraging it) people will be abusing that “rule” to avoid wearing a mask and so shopping in your stores is clearly not safe.Supermarket staff will not be required to wear face coverings under the new law.

Environment Secretary George Eustice explained: “They’re not being covered by this but I think if you go into most shops you will see that staff for a longer time now have either been wearing face shields or face masks.

“It won’t be a compulsory requirement because it won’t always be right for every setting in a retail environment, particularly those working behind the tills and so on.”

  • What do you think? Should supermarkets impose the new rule?