THE Lib Dems have accused Labour of bringing Brighton and Hove “into disrepute” after it lost control of the city council.

Brighton and Hove City Council leader Councillor Nancy Platts announced last night her party plans to hand power to the Greens at tomorrow’s full council meeting.

The Greens became the largest party on the council after two Labour councillors resigned on Monday following anti-Semitism allegations made against them.

Now Lib Dem Ben Thomas, who ran as an MP candidate for Brighton Kemptown in the 2019 General Election, has accused Labour of having “consistently failed” in its five years running the city council.

“The disgraceful mismanagement by the Labour Party in Brighton and Hove over recent months has brought shame and embarrassment on the city,” Mr Thomas said.

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The Argus: The Lib Dems accused the Labour Party of 'disgraceful mismanagement' of the cityThe Lib Dems accused the Labour Party of 'disgraceful mismanagement' of the city

“The soon-to-be-former Labour led council has missed target after target, from refuse and recycling collections to affordable housing targets and beyond.

“They have consistently failed us.“

The Lib Dems are not currently represented on the city council.

But Mr Thomas called for Labour to “get its own house in order” and deal with anti-Semitism allegations.

He said any councillors found guilty of anti-Semitism should resign from the city council "at the earliest opportunity".

“The spectacle of the Labour Party losing control of the council as a result of allegations of racism against its own councillors should shame the party,“ he said.

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The Argus: Labour plans to hand power over to the Greens at a city council meeting tomorrowLabour plans to hand power over to the Greens at a city council meeting tomorrow

“The last thing the city needed was to be thrown into further chaos at a time that stability is desperately needed as we recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

“The Labour Party in Brighton and Hove needs to put petty internal party wrangling aside and get its own house in order.”

The Labour Group declined to comment when contacted by The Argus.

Tomorrow councillors will vote on a report recommending the Greens take power.

The party is now the largest on the city council, with 19 councillors to Labour’s 18.

The Conservatives have 13 seats, with the remaining four seats occupied by independent councillors.

These include Councillor Kate Knight and Councillor Nichole Brennan, who both resigned on Monday after anti-Semitism allegations were made against them. Labour Party investigations into both councillors are currently ongoing.