THE Greens have once again taken control of Brighton.

The stage was set for the party to assume power after city council leader Nancy Platts announced on Tuesday night that Labour planned to hand over to the opposition.

Yesterday councillors voted 39 to 14 in favour of a new Green administration with Councillor Phelim Mac Cafferty as council leader.

Labour and Green councillors backed the takeover, while the Conservatives voted against.

In a speech before the vote, Cllr Mac Cafferty said Brighton “needs a council which will get us out of this crisis”.

The new leader warned the city council faces a growing budget gap due to the coronavirus pandemic – believed to be as much as £37 million.

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The Argus: Cllr Mac Cafferty is the new council leaderCllr Mac Cafferty is the new council leader

And he spoke of his concerns the impact a second wave and a recession could have on the city.

But Cllr Mac Cafferty said he aimed to lead a “green recovery”.

And he said he wanted to continue dialogue with Labour and work with the Conservatives.

“If there’s a place that can respond to this crisis, it’s Brighton and Hove,” he said.

“I will leave no stone unturned in the quest to do the right thing for our citizens, our environment and our city.

“We stand ready to serve the city.”

Outgoing leader Cllr Platts said she was proud of the “achievements” of her Labour administration.

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“We must never forget that during such hard times many people in our city are not interested in party political differences,” she said.

“They are forced to focus on the basics like keeping a roof over their head and ensuring their kids don’t go hungry.

“The Labour Group will play our part in handing over and supporting the new administration get to grips with leading the council at such a difficult time.

“We also look forward to working co-operatively and constructively with you.”

Conservative leader Councillor Steve Bell said “no one could have foreseen” the Labour administration collapsing just over a year after the 2019 city council election.

The Argus: Conservative leader Councillor Steve Bell said he would work 'tirelessly' with other partiesConservative leader Councillor Steve Bell said he would work 'tirelessly' with other parties

He said his party would “support an agenda which is for the good and the benefit for our residents and city”. Cllr Bell pledged he would work “tirelessly” with other parties.

But a Conservative statement issued immediately after the meeting struck a different tone, claiming the city “could be set for chaos and escalating strikes”.