A COUPLE are promising to deliver freshly made cookie dough to people’s doors.

Ben Jenkins, 31, and Louie French, 29, from Kemp Town, Brighton, set up their business Benkins Bakes under lockdown.

They are driving the dough across the city for people to bake at home.

It comes in varieties including triple chocolate, red velvet, oatmeal, cinnamon and raisin.

They said they are experimenting with Bounty and mint Aero, and even have a cannabis oil variety in the pipeline.

The idea came about after encouragement from friends and family.

Louie said: “We both have quite busy, chaotic and stressful jobs. Baking is one activity which we both really enjoy.

“It helps us unwind, slow down and relax – there’s nothing quite like baking the stress away.

“A lot of our friends and families have been encouraging us to start a business up for some time now. They really enjoy what we make and all of our treats have gone down extremely well, so it was a no-brainer really. With a great deal of thinking and much procrastination, we made the decision just to go for it.”

For now, they are delivering the dough by car and taking orders through their Instagram page, but soon hope to have a website and expand their range.

Ben said: “We’re focusing on classic flavours at the moment, but we’re working on a cookie infused with CBD oil [a cannabis extract].

“There seems to be a lot of interest in CBD, and we’re being really careful and want to make sure it’s within the regulations.

“We want to make sure this cookie tastes as good as the rest. We’re still trying to perfect it, and we’re nearly there.

As it stands, the flavours in the “classic range” are double chocolate chip, triple chocolate, red velvet and oatmeal cinnamon and raisins.

Along with the CBD cookies in the proposed “premium range,” there will be vegan varieties. The pair are also working on environmentally friendly packaging.

Ben said: “We feel our concept ticks all the boxes by selling delicious pre-made cookie dough flavours to be baked at home.

“Our customers can bake these cookies whenever they wish so that they have fresh, warm and gooey cookies on demand.

“The dough can also be frozen, so it is perfect for those people who like to save them for another day.

“We give clear and simple instructions on how to bake our cookies and so far, we have had incredible feedback.”

Ben and Louie said they had both sampled their fair share of cookie dough while coming up with the recipes.

Louie said: “It’s great – my favourite flavour is definitely triple chocolate, and Ben likes the oatmeal and raisin one.

“Cookie dough is really big at the moment – you see it everywhere. People love it – it’s just really tasty. And people seem to love the ‘we make, you bake’ idea.

“We are really excited to see what the future holds for Benkins Bakes.

You can visit their Instagram page at https://www.instagram.com/benkinsbakes/