FOUR people are being made redundant and a cafe will not be reopened at a historic cathedral.

A representative for Chichester Cathedral said the decisions had been made following "the increase of local competitors and decreasing footfall in Chichester resulting in a steady decline of patrons".

It said: "The café was already an area of concern.

The Argus:

"Despite significant changes having been made to the way it was run, the summer months had to subsidise the winter months and overall the café was close to losing money.

"With the huge impact of the pandemic and long-term social distancing meaning reduced capacity and footfall for the foreseeable future, the existing model for the café is no longer sustainable. To keep it open in these circumstances would cost a substantial amount and running a heavily subsidised café is not the right thing for the cathedral to do."

The statement said that "the shop, in its current format and location, will close". It will return "in a new form when the time is right".

The Argus:

There will also be a reduction in the existing learning and engagement team at the site, with four positions being made redundant.

The statement read: "A new post to sustain and develop the cathedral’s work in this area will be established."