AS OF today, it is mandatory by law to wear a face mask in UK supermarkets and stores.

So we decided to take a look to see if Brighton shoppers were heeding the updated Government ruling.

Sainsbury’s is one of several major supermarkets to say it will not be enforcing the new rule.

But, visiting the branch in New England Street, Brighton, it appeared customer compliance was high.

The Argus:

In ten minutes, starting at 1pm, 43 people entered the store. 

Only three were not wearing a mask - and it must be remembered that some people are excluded from the new rule due to health conditions.

Of the 40 customers who did wear a mask, 15 put it on as they approached the shop, while the remaining 25 had already been wearing a face covering. 

This was a marked increase on last week when The Argus visited the store.

On July 16, a total of 101 people entered the New England Street Sainsbury’s in a ten-minute period which started at 5.20pm.

The Argus:

Of these, 42 were not wearing a face covering.

And 17 of the 59 who did, they put it on as they approached the entrance.

Entering the store, The Argus was met by a member of staff wearing a mask. 

She pointed out a selection of freshly sanitised baskets and a line of recently cleaned trolleys, as well as a hand-sanitising station.

Inside the store, floor markings show customers how to stay socially distanced, dividing it into two metre sections.

The Argus:

While the supermarket has said publicly that it will not enforce the new rule concerning mandatory face masks, messages over the tannoy urged visitors to “please help us to stop the spread and wear a face covering while visiting our store”.

A separate tannoy message asked customers to be mindful that some staff and visitors might have hidden disabilities which mean they are not able to wear a face covering or socially distance.