MARTIN Lewis has warned people travelling to Spain that their travel insurance policies may not be valid.

The Money Saving Expert filmed a short video after the government's U-turn was revealed.

All returning holidaymakers - bar a few exceptions - will have to self-isolate for 14 days.

It follows a spike of coronavirus infections in Spain, prompting fears that a second wave could occur.

The new measures require holidaymakers to stay at home, with strict measures outlining when they can leave.

The announcement dropped just three hours before it came into force, in a blow to thousands of holidaymakers.

The Argus:

  • Martin told people to check their insurance 

Now Martin has warned travellers planning to head to Spain to take extra care.

Most travel insurance will be invalid as the Foreign Office is advising against all but essential travel to mainland Spain.

Martin warned: "Do think very carefully before going to Spain.

"Even though I know some people are arguing, rightly, that there are some areas of Spain badly affected and there are other areas that aren't.

"Well the Foreign and Commonwealth Office is advising against all but essential travel to mainland Spain.

"You wouldn't have travel insurance cover, it's not worth it.

"You trip over, you bang your head, you need treatment, you're in hospital, you need flying back, it's not worth it, things happen."

Martin has also issued advice for people whose flight is set to go ahead - but they don't want to go.

The Argus:

  • The beach in Spain

Airlines easyJet and British Airways have both confirmed that their schedule is unchanged.

But TUI cancelled all flights today in line with its pledge to not take holidaymakers to countries where they have to self-isolate.

But if your flight does go ahead, it will be tricky to receive a refund, Martin has warned.

He said: "I'm afraid you don't tend to have any rights.

"What you would look too is your travel insurance company.


"Now this is where it gets difficult, you will be covered if you booked your travel insurance and your flight pre-pandemic, you are likely to be covered.

"So you can go and talk to them, not all of them but most."

But he warns that if your holiday or travel insurance was booked after the Foreign Office advice changed in mid-March, you are unlikely to be covered.

He said: "All the policies we've checked won't cover you, the only one that may cover you is if you have a Nationwide Flex Plus package account that you pay for each month."

Brits booked to head to the Canary Islands or The Balearic Islands may also be in trouble if they don't want to go.

Martin said: "It is worth remembering that you are allowed to go to the Canary Islands and Ibiza.

"The Foreign Office says you can go but just have to quarantine when you come home.

"Again that's even worse in some ways if you don't want to go, as even old travel insurance policies won't cover you as it's a disinclination to travel.

"Their issue isn't that you have to quarantine on the way back."

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