KATIE Price has shared the moment she had to call the police after finding out people had been loitering outside her home.

This comes just weeks after she was left “devastated” as intruders laid waste to her Sussex mansion.

Crooks broke into the Horsham house before trashing the site, leaving debris scattered across the floor.

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The ceiling of one of the ground floor rooms collapsed during the break-in and the floor was flooded.

The mum-of-five’s neighbour messaged her to say they had seen suspicious characters in a black BMW X5 outside the gate to Katie’s estate.

The Argus:

The warning message read: “I shouted out as I could see a man at your inside gate. He said he was looking for a toilet. I told him to leave, it’s private property. Three men came out from the field and got into the BMW.”

Her neighbour said she could not capture the number plate of the car as it pulled away.

Katie is currently staying away from her Horsham home as she renovates the property, hoping to sell the house and move away.

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Sitting with her daughters Princess, 13, and Bunny, five, she called an acquaintance who was staying in the annexe of her Sussex house and asked her to close and lock the gate where the potential intruders were spotted “as a matter of urgency”.

The Argus:

As she hung up, she was confronted by a concerned Bunny who asked her mum what would happen if the intruders stole her pony.

“No one is going to nick your pony,” Katie reassured her, “No one is going to put that in a BMW X5.”

The 42-year-old then reached for her phone to report the incident to police, dialling 999 and asking for Horsham Police.

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She gave police her crime reference number for the original break-in and said: “You’ll see that, twice in a row, that someone has got a vendetta against me. They have been in my house. Forensics took fingerprints ten days ago so we are waiting for the results.”

Katie read out the message she had been sent by her neighbour, saying she could “feel they (the intruders) were going to go back in”.

She also provided descriptions of the men’s appearance and car, and asked if police might be able to patrol in the area to check on the property.

“There’s nothing around there. They will have had to drive off the road and up a driveway to get to my field gate.”

The Argus:

Katie explained that there were service stations nearby and the men would have had to drive past these to reach her estate.

“It’s an excuse, that they were looking for a toilet,” she concluded.

“If you were looking for a toilet you wouldn’t be right in my field going over two gates. So they are clearly doing a recce of my field and how to get in there.”

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Responding to the initial break-in, a Sussex Police spokesman said: “On Monday morning, police received a report that sometime since the previous day a residential address had been entered by a person or persons unknown.The property was not occupied at the time. It was not possible to establish whether anything had been stolen.

“Anyone with information can contact Sussex Police online at https://www.sussex.police.uk/contact/af/contact-us/ or by calling 101, quoting serial 403 of 06/07.”