ALTHOUGH we may not be able to get abroad this year, that doesn’t mean our dreams of fun in the sun have to be cancelled. 

There are plenty of things you can do to recreate your holiday, all you’ll need is yourself and some family members or friends to come along for the ride. 

Whilst your home town may not always feel like a holiday haven, it’s time to put on those rose tinted sunglasses and get out there. 

With an open mind recreating your longed-for break couldn’t be any simpler. 

Here are some of the key elements you’ll need for a fabulous summer holiday in Brighton: 

1.Go to the beach or lido 

Every summer holiday starts and ends with visions of sunning yourself on a sandy beach somewhere exotic.

It’s time to pack your beach bag and slip into your favourite fashionable swimwear, don’t worry if it’s strappy - a benefit of holidaying in the UK is that you probably won’t get tan lines. 

If you’re looking for something a little closer to home and wanting to avoid any over crowded beaches, try Hove or Saltdean to escape the tourists.  

Whilst the kids splash in the pool don’t forget to pack the latest gossip magazine or a crime thriller for a bit of holiday reading. 

2. Visit some historical or cultural sights. 

The Argus:

Image courtesy of Fenliokao (Wikimedia Commons)

No holiday is complete without dragging yourself on a little sightseeing tour and this summer holiday doesn’t have to be any different - in for a penny, in for a pound? 

Obviously the The Royal Pavilion is top of the list of places to go and see.  

This eccentric 'party palace' was built for King George IV between 1787 and 1823 and is also a great spot for a photo if you're that way inclined. 

Don a pair of socks and sandals and you’ll really feel like a Brit abroad.  

3. Sample some local delicacies 

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One of the most exciting parts of a summer break for any food lover is sampling some of the weird and wonderful local delicacies. 

Make sure you pop in to Gungho Bar to try some of Brighton's iconic liquer, Tuaca. 

4. Go on a bike ride 

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A fun activity for all the family, especially if it ends with a picnic or pub lunch. 

A benefit of holidaying at home means that if you have your own bikes you won’t need to hire one. 

If you don’t own any bikes, fear not -Brighton Beach Bikes bike hire allows you to hire bikes from £6. 

5. Get competitive with a round of mini golf

It’s time to get competitive and let the holiday feud begin, who will be mini-golf champion? 

Jungle Rumble Mini Golf by Kemptown is open from 9am daily and adult prices start at £8. 

If it's raining, fear not there is also GloBalls indoor mini golf at the Marina. 

6. Book a slot at the local watersports park 

There’s nothing funnier than watching your friend or loved one fall off the back of a banana boat or off the edge of an inflatable.

To recreate one of the most memorable parts of a holiday you can get wet and wild at Lagoon Watersports.

The waterpark is on a secluded lagoon that is ideal for childrens activities plus sailing and tow wakeboarding. 

7. Go souvenir shopping and pick up a postcard 

The Argus:

Although we may not have hair braids and henna tattoos everyday in the town centre, we do have a few lovely gift shops. 

Support your local businesses and pick up a magnet of X to display in pride of place on the fridge to remind you of your favourite holiday forever more. 

Whilst you’re out don’t forget to get a postcard to send to Gran!  

8. Sample some of the finest Meditteranean food Brighton has to offer

If you were going to visit somewhere in the mesmerizing med then why not book a table at the Adelfia. 

With classic cuisine such as hummus, mezze and fresh seafood on offer it will feel as if you had hopped on that plane after all. 

This one can be down to interpretation, for example if you were going to Vietnam you can find a good Vietnamese restaurant. 

9. Have cocktails at sundown 

Lots of people’s favourite part of their trip involves picking out a special holiday outfit, having some Lays (Walkers in the UK) and heading out to a beach side cocktail bar. 

We're lucky enough to have some gorgeous bars to frequent here in Brighton so why not try one you may not have been to such as Bohemia or go to the Mesmerist for true summer vibes.

Why not get your holiday crew together and head out for some sunset drinks this summer. 

10. Holiday romance 

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Finally, no holiday is complete without a holiday romance, so if you're single be sure to spend some time on your favourite dating apps.

If we’ve missed anything off the list, comment below.