BOLLARDS at a controversial cycle lane were removed amid arguments over its future.

The orange posts were taken from the lane and propped up against railings near the turning to Stapley Road, Hove, after they were removed from Old Shoreham Road over the weekend.

There are unconfirmed reports the bollards, which divide the cycle lane from traffic, were removed by “vigilante” opponents of the scheme.

The Argus:

Chris Williams, the man behind a petition to extend the new lane, right, said: “It’s really sad that the cycle lanes have been vandalised as the plastic dividers allow families, kids and older people to feel safe enough to cycle along this busy road.

“This is particularly important given the need for socially distanced travel and recent announcements on cycling for better health.

“The money for the lanes came from a central Government grant and the dividers are part of new Government safety regulations.”


A battle is raging over the controversial “Covid cycle lane”. Some people want it made permanent and others want it scrapped.

The showdown was to have come to a head at a Brighton and Hove City Council meeting last week where the rival factions were to present their petitions. But that has been delayed after a Green takeover of the council.

The Argus:

Peter Challis, who is behind a petition to scrap the lane, said: “I think the people should not have done it and they should be going through the official processes to get things done.

"However, I can understand that people are getting fed up because nobody is listening to them."