A TV doctor has said there are four different ways that people can be killed by the coronavirus.

Good Morning Britain's Dr Sarah Jarvis was discussing the measures we can take to prevent the virus from spreading.

"Many of us in the medical profession thought of it very seriously, people die from coronavirus for four sets of reasons," she said today.

"Number one, people die from coronavirus, particularly older people, people of South Asian origin and people with other health conditions.

"Secondly people die if the hospital is overwhelmed and they can't get the care they would need.

The Argus:

"Thirdly, people die because their other treatments are being delayed.

"And fourthly, people die from deprivation, so if the economy goes into too much of a downturn we know that deprivation leads to poorer health."

She added: "So all these things have to be balanced, I absolutely get that.

"People should never put off getting help."

Dr Sarah also told people to get tested if you think you have any coronavirus symptoms.


Host Adil said: "It feels to me that we just need to be reminding everybody, Dr Jarvis, of the very basics now.

"Whether it's Eid tomorrow, going to work, not going to work, going on holiday, not going on holiday, in Spain, at the airport, it doesn't matter where you are, what you are doing, the basics still apply.

"Washing your hands regularly, wearing a mask, social distancing, two metres apart, I just feel there's a sense people are forgetting those basics.

"Am I right in saying if you do those basics, it doesn't matter what you are doing, where you are, you're doing the very best to protect yourself and everyone around you?" he asked.

The Argus:

"You absolutely are, and of course the only thing that you've left out of that list is test and trace," replied Sarah.

"And if you get any symptoms, fever, new continuous cough or loss or change to your sense of smell of taste.

"Any of those, don't wait, get tested we are now in a position where over 99% of people are getting their results in a day if you go to a drive in centre.

"It's a bit longer if you have sent yours off in the post, not surprisingly."

She added: "Please don't wait if you have symptoms, get yourself tested and isolate until you get the results."