A FRIED chicken shop with a twist will soon be opening its doors for the first time.

Really Happy Chicken is looking to launch its Brighton site on Tuesday.

The shop might be inspired by KFC, but there will not be a chicken breast in sight at the Preston Street venue.

The Argus:

Instead, chefs will be frying up a delicious plant-based alternative made from seitan - a wheat protein made to look, taste and feel like the real deal.

And, for fitness fanatics looking to hit their protein quota for the day, Really Happy Chicken say their meals will pack more of the macronutrient than an actual chicken fillet.

The Really Happy Chicken menu is filled with milkshakes, "chicken" wings, chips and burgers - some of which use a doughnut instead of a bun.

The Argus:

The company has already launched as a concept kitchen in London, offering delivery options to customers, but Brighton will be its first physical site.

A spokeswoman said: "Brighton has seen a surge of vegan restaurants in the past year or so and Really Happy Chicken is a happy addition to the vegan and plant-based scene. The company is run by a team of ambitious, planet-obsessed individuals who are out on a mission to make vegan and sustainable living more accessible to the masses, for the good of the planet and all its beings."