ACCORDING to the item on page 14 of Monday’s Argus (July 27) the Co-op in Lewes Road, Brighton, is going to be rebuilt as another block of flats for students.

Just how many more blocks of student accommodation are going to be built in our city for goodness sake?

Due to the pandemic, China apparently says it is going to reduce the number of students allowed to come over here.

Will other countries do the same and restrict numbers?

No doubt, the situation is going to affect the universities in the same way as every other walk of life is having to adjust during the coronavirus pandemic.

If we do have a shortage of foreign students, what will happen to the empty accommodation?

Will it be available to the homeless and those living in temporary accommodation?

I think I am correct in saying that students do not pay council tax.

They degrade the areas in which they live by leaving piles of rubbish everywhere.

What exactly in real terms do they contribute to the economy of our city?

Christine Luffman

Rotherfield Crescent