KATIE Price is reported to be building an “inpenetrable” safe room in her mansion after a spate of break-ins.

The former glamour model is “not taking any chances” after intruders recently broke into her Horsham property and trashed her home, leaving debris across the floor.

Katie was left “devastated” after the break-in, in which the ceiling of one of the ground floor rooms collapsed and the floor was flooded.

The 42-year-old was worried further earlier this week when she was told a neighbour had spotted suspicious characters outside the gate to the property in a black BMW X5.

Now the mother-of-five has ramped up security at the £2million mansion and has guards outside the property.

A source told The Sun: “Katie has taken advice to build an impenetrable safe room from a top security firm because she’s absolutely terrified there will be another break-in.

“She’s not taking any chances now and has employed extra security as well as taking advice from local police, and a pal has even offered to help by living in her house to ensure there are no more intruders.

“But it’s all an extra expense and doesn’t come cheap.

“It will all have to be paid for out of Katie’s own pocket.”

Katie is currently staying away from the house while she renovates the property, which she hopes to sell.