A MOTHER has issued a warning to beachgoers after her daughter was stung by jellyfish.

Her eight-year-old was taken to hospital screaming in pain on Thursday after being stung off Rottingdean beach at 2pm.

The mother, who did not want to be named, said: “We were rock pooling for crabs and she slipped.

“She said she landed on something squishy, which we assumed was sea weed, until she started screaming in pain. We looked at her leg and it was very swollen.”

The marks started turning purple, so the decision was taken to take the young girl to hospital.

The mother said: “They gave her medication and checked for any spikes from the tentacles, which lucky there was not.

“She has been very brave through the whole ordeal.”

The mother has come forward with her story to warn others about the dangers of jellyfish.

She said: “Just to be careful when rock pooling for crabs with the kids.

“It never even crossed my mind that we would have jelly fish in Rottingdean.”

The NHS says that if you are stung by a jelly fish, you should ask a lifeguard or someone with first aid training for help.

If help is not available:

  • Rinse the affected area with seawater (not fresh water).
  • Remove any spines from the skin using tweezers or the edge of a bank card.
  • Soak the area in very warm water (as hot as can be tolerated) for at least 30 minutes – use hot flannels or towels if you cannot soak it.
  • Take painkillers like paracetamol or ibuprofen.

Most stings from sea creatures in the UK are not serious and can be treated with first aid, the NHS states. Sometimes you may need to go to hospital.