A 39-YEAR-OLD man died after falling down a manhole in Spain.

Expat Richie Kennedy, originally from Brighton, was stuck down the hole for 15 hours before being found by his partner.

He was walking home after spending an evening with friends when the fatal incident happened in Calahonda, in Spain’s Costa del Sol - a popular tourist area.

The Argus:

His partner Claus Dueholm, 56, told a national newspaper he had stepped over a barrier at the side of the road the following morning and found Mr Kennedy “lying there, on his back, with his head covered in blood”.

Mr Dueholm has launched a Go Fund Me campaign to fund a legal case against the authorities in the area.

In the fundraiser, which has collected more than 1,600 euros in six days, he says that Richie had recently finished studying to become a carer in Spain and was “looking forward to helping other people and having a new career”.

The Argus:

He describes his partner as a “lively spirit” who “inspired so many of his friends”.

But Claus slammed those responsible for the manhole, saying it had led to a “terrible accident”.

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