THE Coastguard says there are “no further planned searches” for a kayaker who has been missing for more than 34 hours.

Crews were scrambled shortly after 10am yesterday morning after receiving reports of “a person seen going into the water from a kayak off Hove Lagoon near Brighton”.

An empty kayak and paddle were found on the shore nearby shortly afterwards.

Police, Coastguard and lifeboat crews launched a major search operation spanning more than eight hours.

The Argus:

Boats patrolled the shore and the rescue helicopter scoured the area from above as emergency teams attempted to locate the missing kayaker.

But, at 10.30pm yesterday, HM Coastguard released a statement saying that the search had been suspended at nightfall “pending further information”.

“An intensive eight-hour search of the area took place.”

HM Coastguard said “sadly the kayaker was not found despite a very intensive eight-hour search” but added that “the identity of the kayaker had been confirmed”.

The Argus:

In an update on the search efforts issued this afternoon, a representative for the Maritime and Coastguard Agency told The Aargus there were “no further planned searches taking place today”.


The agency also issued a statement urging people looking to go kayaking or canoeing in the sea to take precautions to protect their welfare.

A spokesman said: “Ensure that someone at home knows your passage plan including points of arrival and departure, timescale, number in group and other relevant information.

The Argus:

“Check weather forecasts and tidal conditions and ensure that your skill levels are appropriate for where you are kayaking.

“Wear a buoyancy aid and check that equipment is functioning properly, that your distress flares are in date and are stowed where you can reach them. Carriage of a 406 Personal Locator Beacon is highly recommended for more remote locations.

“Carry a VHF marine band radio (fitted with DSC if possible) and learn how to use it. Where there is good network coverage then it is worth carrying a mobile phone in a waterproof bag. Call the Coastguard if you get into difficulty, preferably via channel 16 on your radio or if not by calling 999 and asking for the Coastguard.”