READERS have shared their experiences of Wimpy after the chain announced the closure of a long-standing restaurant.

Lots of customers were upset when the fast-food company revealed it was shutting its franchise at 381 South Coast Road, Peacehaven.

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It had been serving up popular Wimpy specials such as the Bender In A Bun for 24 years.

The Argus:

We asked Argus readers to share their favourite memories of Wimpy.

Kim Barrey, 51, of Patcham, Brighton, met husband Steve, 52, when they were teenagers in the old Western Road Wimpy, where he used to work.

She remembers the “lovely bright yellow tights” he wore as part of the Wimpy outfit.

Kim, pictured with Steve, said: “We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary at Wimpy, my husband hired out the whole restaurant.

“It is our 30th anniversary next year and it’s sad we won’t have the opportunity to revisit.

“We wish the current owners a happy retirement, but they will be missed.”

Resident Sue Trott also wished the “lovely couple” who ran the restaurant the best of luck in retirement.

She said: “My family and l have been going there for 20 years or more.

“My children and my grandchildren have enjoyed many meals there

and we shall miss it very much.”

Lots of other readers who expressed sadness over the closure, including Dave Waddington, who said it was the last place he saw his sister before she suddenly died at the age of 48.

Alan Baker said his first wife, who has been dead for more than 30 years, always insisted on having a Wimpy in Peacehaven.

Superfan Tim Hylott said: “I’ve always loved a Wimpy and still travel many miles all over the country to visit them.

The Argus:

“I love to share my Wimpy experience with friends and colleagues and have held a large official geocaching (electronic treasure hunt) event and my team’s Christmas lunch.”

Jim Radford asked The Argus: “When is it due to close?

“I love the quarter pounder in the brown bun with extra sauce and onion.”

Bad news Jim. The Peacehaven branch will not be reopening.

However, there are still Wimpys in Station Road, Portslade; West Street, Horsham; The Boulevard in Crawley; Surrey Street, Littlehampton; and Chapel Road, Worthing.