THIS Morning viewers were stunned after a consumer expert suggested a cheeky loophole in the Eat Out To Help Out campaign.

Alice Beer was talking to Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes about the discount available in food establishments aimed at encouraging people to eat out.

Under the new policy, consumers get 50 per cent off their meal up to £10 every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - as long as the restaurant has signed up to the scheme.

Fast food outlets such as McDonald's have also signed up to the scheme, provided that diners choose to eat-in.

Consumer expert Alice seemed sceptical about the guidelines being adhered to.

The Argus: This Morning viewers were stunned by the cheeky loophole (Image: ITV)This Morning viewers were stunned by the cheeky loophole (Image: ITV)

Speaking from a KFC branch in Swindon, Alice suggested that diners could quickly dash out of fast food places when staff were not looking.

It came after Eamonn Holmes suggested that diners going through the drive-thru would have to pay double the amount of eating in.

Alice then pointed out: "If you park the car and go inside and say, 'yes I am going to have my takeaway here' and you sit down and as soon as their backs are turned, hoof it back to your car, they're [staff] not going to come running after you.

"How can they? They can't manage this, they can't police this, so of course, there are loopholes which I am sure customers will find."

The Argus: Alice Beer appeared in KFC when she revealed the loophole (Image: ITV)Alice Beer appeared in KFC when she revealed the loophole (Image: ITV)

Viewers of the show quickly shared their thoughts about the specialist's top tip.

One viewer wrote: "Are you loophole central these days? How much more advice for skirting the system are you going to give out? @EamonnHolmes @RuthieeL."

"Everyone watching This Morning now know a Loophole… great tv people!" wrote another viewer.

A third viewer also pointed out that Alice wasn't wearing a face mask in KFC.