READERS can keep up to date with the latest crime and court stories by joining a new Facebook Group.

Sussex crime and court watch has been set up to allow people to find out about crimes, share information, and learn about how cases have been dealt with in court.

The group will include posts from The Argus on major breaking incidents, police alerts, and reports from our magistrate and crown courts.

Argus crime reporter Aidan Barlow said: “The new Facebook group has been set up to keep readers informed.

“We are working hard to bring you the latest updates on major incidents which affect communities in Brighton and Hove and across Sussex.

“Reporting from our courts is a vital part of our society, as it holds people to account for their criminal behaviour, while also ensuring people get a fair hearing.

“The group will allow readers to know how incidents which have caused concern have been dealt with.”

You can join the new Facebook group here: Sussex crime and court watch.