A NEW coach company has been launched offering a service across Europe.

The Big Lemon has teamed up with another bus operator to create Brighton Horizon Coaches, which was launched on the seafront yesterday afternoon.

The latest offering from “Brighton and Hove’s favourite bus company” will be taking travellers across the continent, commuters on rail replacement and students to Brighton College.

The new coach company combines the Big Lemon’s fleet with that of Seaford & District.

Big Lemon chief executive and Green councillor Tom Druitt, said: “We have worked together for a number of years, helping each other out when needed and working together wherever possible to improve services to our passengers.

“We share many of the same values and at the end of the day both of us have always been 100 per cent focused on our customers and providing them with the best possible experience.”

The tie-up with Seaford & District will make the new company Brighton and Hove’s largest coach operator with a fleet of 11 coaches, four of which are fully wheelchair-accessible.

It is being run by Ryan Wrotny, who joined Big Lemon as a 13-year-old boy after saving up his pocket money to buy a share in the company.

“He has worked hard ever since that day,” Cllr Druitt said.

“He has done a fantastic job, building new relationships, improving the fleet, and developing the team. Ryan will now lead the new company Brighton Horizon Coaches and has already shared with me some very exciting plans.

“I wish him the very best of luck and will always be here to support him.”

Delighted Mr Wrotny, the new manager of Brighton Horizon Coaches, said: “Brighton is my home and the city I love, and my vision is to take the best of Brighton and expand to new horizons.

“I’m proud of my city and want to provide professional, reliable, luxury coach travel to its people, taking them to new places.

“I never want to stop growing, developing, and exploring, and I’m excited to have this opportunity to create something we can all be proud of.”

To find out more about its services, or book a coach for yourself, head to brightonhorizoncoaches.com.

You can also ring 01273 681681.