A SHAKEN woman said she was being too "bold" when she was attacked by seagulls as she carried open boxes of delicious chips while at the beach during a short break.

Monique Sveinsson visited Brighton earlier this week for a two-day break away from her home in Cambridgeshire.

The 46-year-old mother-of-two was staying in the city with her friend Emma Wilshaw, and the pair decided to get some chips while at Brighton beach on Monday afternoon.

But Monique said that what unfolded was "like a scene from Hitchcock's film The Birds" as she struggled to get past a colony of seagulls eyeing up her two open boxes of chips.

Monique said: "It is very funny but I must admit, it was awful at the time.

The Argus: Monique, right, with her friend EmmaMonique, right, with her friend Emma

"My friend was filming me but what you don't see was after the end of the video, as she was laughing too much to carry on filming.

"I threw the chips into the air and there was a couple having a canoodle on the beach, which is unfortunately where the seagulls descended.

"They got through both boxes of chips in seconds.

"What upset me more than anything was they cost £8. I don't know why the chip shop didn't warn me."

Monique, who runs her own business called Perfect Planner Company, which holds courses for entrepreneurs, said she did not realise the seagulls could be quite so aggressive.

She said:"I've been to Brighton before but I didn't realise they were that bad.

"I've not ever carried chips so boldly out onto the beach.

The Argus: Monique Sveinsson says the seagull attack "has not put her off" coming to BrightonMonique Sveinsson says the seagull attack "has not put her off" coming to Brighton

"There is some irony as I'm always advising people through my work how important it is to take time off, and then that happens  to me on my summer break.

"It's just a good job I've got a sense of humour."

Monique and Emma decided to venture indoors for their next meal.

Monique added: "We had some lovely seafood away from the pesky seagulls. We had fun but it's good to be home."