A TV presenter had to cut a shark swim short after disaster struck.

ITV This Morning’s Josie Gibson swam in the shark tank at the Sea Life centre in Brighton on Tuesday.

But the former big brother contestant had to end the segment early after the predators failed to appear on screen.

The hosts were forced to cut the section short and move on.

The Sea Life aquarium – the world’s oldest still in operation – reopened on July 4 after shutting amid the coronavirus crisis.

On Instagram ahead of her big swim, Josie said she was “Very nervous indeedy”.

She added: “Just had the risk assessment and apparently I shouldn’t touch the yellow fish because not only are there sharks in here but there are venomous fish as well.”

On the segment at 11.45am, Sea Life announced it had welcomed six new baby sharks – and named them Eamonn, Josie, Philip, Holly, Gino and Ruth after the This Morning team.