A FRONTLINE NHS worker is devastated after thieves broke into her car and stole a much-loved paddleboard.

Raiders targeted nurse Susie Openshaw’s vehicle while it was parked near her home in Edinburgh Road, Brighton.

Mother-of-five Susie, 47, who works at the Royal Sussex County Hospital and care homes in the area, said family photos were also stolen during the break-in on July 25.

The health worker said: “Everyone knows nurses aren’t paid much so when someone takes from you when you haven’t got a lot, it makes you feel violated.

“My daughter got up on the day to clean the car as a surprise for my partner’s birthday.

“We noticed the paddle board had been taken, the car had been roughed up and, bizarrely, family photos which we were going to stick around the house for his birthday had been stolen.

“I had the NHS worker sticker in the window as well.”

The family are devastated by the theft of the paddleboard, which had been bought using money left to Ms Openshaw by her late grandmother.

The £999 board was being used by Ms Openshaw and her five children, aged 11 to 18, to enjoy the outdoors during lockdown.

She said: “If the person who took it could bring it back, that would be the ideal thing. It may seem small to people, but it meant a lot to us. Because of Covid, our days off are our saving grace where we can spend time together after working extra hours.”

After hearing of the theft, a former classmate who studied nursing with Ms Openshaw in Leicester, started a fund to help replace the board.

The Go Fund Me called Susie’s SUP Replacement Fund has raised £160 of a £1,000 target.

It states: “The SUP board had been bought with money left to Susie by her late grandmother.

“It was used by the entire family and during lockdown it has been invaluable.

“At the moment, paddleboards are very popular due to lockdown and so Susie’s precious board has probably been sold.”

Mai Bentley, 50, who started the fundraiser, said; “She’s and amazing nurse and, even more so, she’s looking after Covid patients and putting herself at risk.

“We should be appreciating nurses, not stealing things from them.

“I wanted to help as there’s no way they can replace it, so I started the fundraiser to say thank you for everything she’s doing for the public.”