LIFEGUARDING on Brighton beach is running at a reduced service, the council has warned ahead of another sizzling weekend.

In a series of warnings from authorities, the Met Office said people should brace themselves for a heatwave, travellers have been warned of reduced services and city leader Phelim Mac Cafferty said he would support calls for visitors to stay away if too many people head to the seaside.

Temperatures in Brighton could reach 33C on Saturday and the Met Office issued a heatwave warning.

The city council also urged caution, warning beach-goers that Covid-19 restrictions are affecting lifeguarding.

A spokesman said: “Our lifeguard service is operating a limited service this year.

“If you’re going into the sea, please take extra care. The current is strong and the water is not as warm as it looks.

“Only swim within the areas patrolled by lifeguards.

“These are clearly marked with red and yellow flags and swim close to the shore.

“Never jump off any structure directly into the sea – you can never be sure how deep the water is below.

“Even on a calm day sea currents, undertow or a sudden change in weather can create life-threatening hazards without warning.

“If using a kayak or stand-up paddleboard (SUP), ensure they are attached to you by an ankle strap and always wear a proper life vest.”

The warning comes after the death of 36-year-old father-of-two, Andrea Lauro, who went missing on Sunday morning after taking a kayak out from Hove Lagoon.

On Tuesday, police confirmed a body had been found which was “believed to be that of a kayaker reported missing”.

Councillor Mac Cafferty said: “Our seafront officers and lifeguards work tirelessly to keep visitors safe but with eight miles of beach to patrol it’s important that everyone plays their part.

“By following a few simple rules, we can all stay safe in the sea, on the beach and promenade and in the city.”

Anyone travelling to the city should be aware that buses and trains are running at reduced capacity.

Cllr Mac Cafferty added: “If there are concerns about the numbers of people on public transport, we will support any calls not to travel on these routes. This is important both for passengers, staff and residents.

“It’s important that we all take the necessary steps to protect our communities, our families, our friends and ourselves against


Police have urged people to take “personal responsibility” this weekend while they bask in the sizzling temperatures. A spokeswoman said: “Please act responsibly and avoid gathering in large groups. To prevent the spread of the virus we ask you to adhere to the latest Government guidance.

“Our priorities lie with public safety and ensuring the force can operate effectively to those who need us. We will continue to engage, encourage and explain the current regulations that are in place and how you can comply with them.”