A REMORSELESS thug stabbed a man to death at a Tube station while on licence from prison over a stabbing in Brighton.

Alex Lanning, was found guilty of the murder of Tashan Daniel at Hillingdon Underground Station this week.

The 22-year-old was previously jailed in 2016 for stabbing a man in Regency Square in Brighton in 2016.

He had also been caught with 250 wraps of heroin at the time of the attack.

But he was released on licence halfway through his sentence, and was in London when he then attacked Mr Daniel, along with accomplice Jonathan Camille.

The conviction follows concern raised by former Sussex Police Chief Superintendent Kevin Moore, who says sentences for violent crimes are too soft and said judges cannot be trusted to do what society expects.

The Argus:

The Old Bailey heard how Lanning and Camille, who was convicted of manslaughter, showed “no remorse or empathy”.

The Argus:

Mr Daniel was attacked with an army knife designed for NATO military rescues, which killer Lanning claimed came from the set of the Fast & Furious.

Lanning had lost his temper over a “look” across the platform from Mr Daniel, and went with Camille to attack him.

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Mr Daniel had been on his way to watch an Arsenal match in September last year.

Without reason, Lanning began shouting at and threatening Mr Daniel and his friend. The groups were unknown to each other.

The Argus:

Lanning crossed a bridge to the platform where Mr Daniel was, and was joined by 19-year-old Camille

Both then approached and attacked Mr Daniel and his friend.

Lanning pulled a knife and stabbed Tashan in the chest – Mr Daniel had gained the upper hand and was attempting to end the fight.

Lanning and Camille then fled the station, witnesses described seeing Lanning smiling as he ran.

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Mr Daniel died at the scene, aged 20.

His father Chandy Daniel, 59, said his son was a "fantastic human being" with "so much potential and so much to give".

The talented 20-year-old "wanted to make the Olympics" and "set his standards high".

The Argus:

His father said: "It is in no doubt, nor has it ever been, that this was a senseless, needless, horrific and ultimately unnecessary act of violence. One that our family shall be paying for for the rest of our lives.

"On that day a man, who let's not forget, already held a conviction for stabbing someone else, was free to walk around with a murderous weapon in his possession.

"I held him, stroked his face, and kissed him, as he lay on that platform, only to be told by the paramedics that there was nothing more that they could do for him."

Lanning, of Cowdray Road, Uxbridge, faces sentence for murder on August 20, while Camille, of Fulham Road, London, faces sentence for manslaughter by Judge Mark Dennis QC.

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