A HUGE number of visitors have descended on a Sussex beach to make the most of the scorching temperatures.

But Rother District Council is asking would-be visitors to Camber Sands consider going elsewhere after the car parks quickly filled this morning.

At 11.57am, a council spokesman said: "The car parks at Camber Sands are now full.

"If you are travelling to the beach please consider other destinations and help us to keep the roads clear for local residents and emergency service vehicles."

The council issued a second statement at 12.20pm.

It read: "High tide at Camber Sands is expected at 2.24pm today. Stay safe.

"Read the signs, follow the advice and stay aware of your surroundings.

"Coastal staff will be working with the RNLI to encourage people in the water and on the shoreline to move further up the beach."

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This morning, Rother Police said officers have been committed the area to the area throughout the weekend to "ensure everyone's safety".

A spokesman said: "Planning to go to Camber this weekend to enjoy the hot weather?

"Please consider the impact your journey may have on the traffic and the safety of visitors.

"We'll have dedicated officers in Camber, but we ask that visitors take responsibility to help us ensure everyone's safety."