A REIMAGINED city centre space has been hailed as an “excellent piece of design and landscaping”.

But residents have also shared concerns that the newly reopened area of Valley Gardens in Brighton could quickly deteriorate.

Work on the three-phase scheme started in September 2018 with fences surrounding the greens between The Level and Old Steine for many months as the site was reimagined.

But, after huge strides were made during lockdown, part of the scheme has now been reopened to residents.

So, we asked Argus readers what they thought of the new design.

The Argus:

After a visit to the site, Ben Citron said: “The transformation is amazing. Such a lovely use of the space. Money and time well spent.”

Jimmy Gregory was also full of praise for the new look.

He said: “What’s been achieved here is beautiful, and a drastic improvement from what was there before.

“Well done to planners, designers and road workers for this excellent piece of design and landscaping - your design will last the test of time, I am sure.”

The Argus:

But others said they were concerned the condition of the new green would not be maintained.

Kasey Crawley said: “(I) walked through it earlier which was lovely, but why haven’t they put any bins anywhere?

“(It) won’t stay nice for long.”

Several other readers said they were concerned that rough sleepers’ tents could be pitched in the area, or the site could be plagued by a minority of people drinking and taking drugs.

The Argus contacted Brighton and Hove City Council regarding the reopening.

The Argus:

Councillor Amy Heley, co-chair of the environment, transport and sustainability committee, said: “It’s great to see phases one and two of the Valley Gardens project nearing completion and we’ve already seen people making use of the new cycle lanes and footpaths.

“Some areas will remain closed to the public to allow landscaping and planting to take hold, but we hope residents and visitors can enjoy the improved and colourful public spaces very soon.

“Valley Gardens is an extremely important project for our city.”