A GROUNDBREAKING project could beam Brighton Dome concerts straight to your home.

The Government has announced more than £2 million in funding for the 5G Festival project organised by Government agency Digital Catapult involving the popular Brighton venue.

The project aims to bring live festivals from venues to audiences across the world using high-speed 5G internet technology.

A music fan in Brighton could experience their favourite artist live in Los Angeles, collaborating with another artist in London, all without having to leave their front room.

Digital Catapult chief executive Jeremy Silver said the project is the “next evolution of entertainment”.

“As live performers have been totally prevented from working because of the coronavirus, a lot of bright minds have been focused on how to create exciting alternative experiences for a virtual world,” he said.

“The result of this work was an exciting bid into the 5GCreate competition to produce a virtual festival that could offer 5G-enabled experiences in which performers could reach audiences in an entirely new way.”

The London O2 Arena is also involved in the project.