A DISABLED man has warned the council that Madeira Drive is a “death trap” and the new layout discriminates against disabled people.

Guy Stewart, 61, has a spinal condition which means he uses a wheelchair and a rear-entry vehicle. The musician filmed his experience in the Brighton seafront road, which was shut to cars in April and is currently closed to traffic between the Aquarium roundabout and Concorde 2.

He said: “I used to use Madeira Drive safely and often and what has happened is through inept, just the worst kind of, planning from Brighton and Hove council – you’ve now got an absolute death trap.”

The Argus:

The road is now open to all vehicles from the Black Rock entrance as far as newly installed barriers at Concorde 2. Disabled bays have been moved to the northern side of this section.

Mr Stewart’s video appears to show all the cars parked in the new spaces were not showing a blue badge. Driving up the road in his van, he says: “Disabled places that have been taken up and they just don’t care, they’re got no idea whatsoever. Disabled people can’t park down here, someone needs to come down here and take charge.”

Mr Stewart says the eastern end has now become dangerous as cars, HGVs, cyclists and pedestrians are all in the road together.

The Argus:

He said: “Brighton and Hove council are off their rockers, they’ve got HGVs in the same place as double parked spaces in the same place as cyclists, people parked, unloading, it’s just awful, someone is going to get killed down here. There are children that are going to get run over if this isn’t taken care of.”

Mr Stewart then films his experience at the western end, near the Palace Pier where the previous disabled bays were located. This is no longer accessible to disabled people, Mr Stewart said.

However when the video was filmed late last week, disabled people were being allowed to park to use the toilet.

The council said it was going to allow blue badge holders to use this part of the road to use the disabled changing facilities in the future.

Mr Stewart said: “What they have done is they’ve made sure the disabled people have to get out their vehicles in the middle of the road. They did it by making sure these bike securing racks were next to the disabled parking spaces meaning they designed it so disabled people in wheelchairs had to get out in the middle of the road.”

Speaking about the new layout, he added: “This is a death trap, this is the worst kind of planning you will ever see. Get it scrapped.”

Councillor Pete West, who jointly chairs the environment, transport and sustainability committee, said: “Access for blue badge holders is possible to the Black Rock Car Park and the parking bays close to the closure point at the Concorde 2.

“Marshals are stationed by the Concorde 2 end of Madeira Drive from 8am until 8pm to support this.

“One of the reasons the closure point was moved from the top of Dukes Mound to Concorde 2 last week was in response to concerns around disabled access. This week we are also adding an extra blue badge bay at the eastern end by Concorde 2.”

Madeira Drive was due to be discussed at a council meeting today.