A WOMAN died in a freak accident when she fell from the balcony of a seventh floor flat.

Nicola Redman had gone to visit her friend Paul Livingston at Clarendon House in Hove.

Police had been called to the property hours before she died after neighbours heard them arguing.

Officers led her away from the address and allowed her to meet another friend to take her to safety on January 18.

But she later returned to Mr Livingston’s home to fetch belongings and their rows continued.

Mr Livingston was preparing to catch an early flight away on holiday and glimpsed Ms Redman on the balcony.

When he took out a bag of rubbish from the flats he was left in shock at seeing her body on the floor.

An inquest into Ms Redman’s death was held at Brighton Coroner’s Court yesterday.

The Argus:

The death of the 33-year-old mother of two, of Monument View, Brighton, was ruled an accident.

Coroner Veronica Hamilton-Deeley heard evidence from PC Jordan Mitchell who had attended the address on the first occasion.

She also heard evidence from Detective Constable Richard Slaughter, who explained why the police did not charge Mr Livingston with murder.

A post-mortem examination showed there was no sign of foul play.

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Ms Redman’s DNA was found on a net around the balcony used to stop birds nesting, but no other significant DNA was found.

“Clutter” had collapsed around the balcony door which made opening it difficult and this could only have been caused by someone on the balcony itself.

The Argus:

Finally police did not believe that it would have been possible for Mr Livingston to have placed the clutter there, gone downstairs, and called the police within the time frame seen on CCTV.

“The police are content that Mr Livingston could not have been on the balcony,” the coroner said.

The inquest heard how Mr Livingston had been left anguished and grief-stricken.

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Mr Livingston and Ms Redman had a “volatile” relationship, it was claimed.

Previously The Argus reported on tributes to Ms Redman, who worked as a carer. Her family said she was “joyful, kind-hearted and a beautiful mother”.

They said: “Nicola was the life and soul of the family.

“She was vibrant and full of colour, a loving mother to two children and a caring sister and auntie. Life is not going to be the same without her.”

Her son said: “She was a joyful, kind-hearted and beautiful mother who will be greatly missed.”

The Argus:

At her inquest yesterday the coroner was told Ms Redman had battled both cancer and alcohol dependency.

The coroner said Ms Redman had a high level of alcohol in her body at the time of the fall.

“We will never know the whole truth,” the coroner said.

Ms Redman’s family said she had struggled with life at times but “now she is at peace, and we can keep her memory alive”.