AN ARTIST best known as MC of electronic pioneers The Prodigy has unveiled a surreal work of art.

Maxim, real name Keith Palmer, visited Brighton’s Enter Gallery yesterday to reveal his latest artwork under pseudonym MM.

The print titled “Union Grenade” features grenades with red hearts inside against a black Union Jack backdrop.

“We’re in a totally different times, the world is changing,” said Maxim.

“I think people are coming out and taking the blinkers off their eyes and seeing the world for what it is.

“These grenades, they’re taking the blinkers off and spreading love.”

An Enter Gallery spokesman said: “Known for a fierce style of music and a stage presence that is far from his calm and laid-back nature in person, Maxim’s artwork is laced with double meanings and themes that challenge preconceptions

“His artwork has a surreal edge that takes you somewhere deep into his imagination.

“Recurring themes include rebellion and the rise of the underdog and the weak.”

The print is available at Enter Gallery’s Bond Street premises and online at

Ten per cent of all sales will go to the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, which helps disadvantaged young people achieve.

Maxim is one of two founding members still part of The Prodigy.