A THUG involved in a racist bottle attack on a student was back in court for attacking his mother.

Louis Barrett attacked his mother Sarah Cox in front of his younger sibling.

The 20-year-old had only just been released from prison over his role in the racist attack in Brighton.

A shocking viral video showed Yehsung Kim being attacked in North Street, Brighton, and getting a Champagne bottle smashed in his face.

The Argus:

Student Yehsung Kim was attacked

Barrett’s younger pal Bradley Garrett was responsible for inflicting grievous bodily harm on Mr Kim, who needed £3,000 of dental surgery.

But the court heard how Barrett had been responsible for creating a “febrile atmosphere of hatred and aggression” towards the Korean student.

The Argus:

Bradley Garrett and Louis Barrett

Barrett and Garrett had caused a “disturbance” at a Japanese restaurant earlier in the night, with chairs being thrown and accusations of racism.

Thug Barrett had then made racist gestures to Mr Kim and hurled a bottle at the student which fortunately missed.

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Mr Kim, who was walking home with friends, faced racist gestures. Barrett hurled a bottle at him and missed and when Mr Kim asked why he had been targeted, Barrett said: “Because you are a f****** Asian.”

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Barrett, of Temple Grove, Burgess Hill, made rude gestures including exposing his behind at reporters as he awaited sentence outside Lewes Crown Court last year.

He was jailed for 20 months for racist harassment and racist common assault, which happened when he was 17-years-old.

Bradley Garrett, who was 15 at the time, was given a two-year suspended sentence, which he has admitted breaching, but has been given a final chance to prove himself by Judge Stephen Mooney.

The Argus:

Bradley Garrett leaving Lewes Crown Court after getting a suspended sentence

He faces a “deferred sentence” date next month over his failures to attend unpaid work sessions.

The sentence for both men was referred to the Attorney General for being "unduly lenient" but the case remains "under consideration".

Most prisoners are automatically released half way through serving their prison term, and are then “on licence” for the second half.

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If the Attorney General agrees, sentences can then be sent to the Court of Appeal where judges there decide if a stricter punishment should be imposed.

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If they commit an offence during that time, prisoners are liable to be returned to finish the rest of the sentence and any new sentence that judges or magistrates impose.

Barrett was back in court this week, where it was revealed he had attacked his mother.

The Argus:

Louis Barrett gestures to The Argus outside Lewes Crown Court

Magistrate Robert Macrowan was also told that Barrett had caused criminal damage to a mobile phone, a television and a wall at the property.

The magistrate said the offence was so serious “because of the assault on his mother with his five-year-old sibling in the property” at the time.

Police were called to the property on August 14.

Mr Macrowan sent Barrett to prison for a further eight weeks over the attack, and imposed a £128 surcharge.