FANS could not believe their eyes when Katie Price showed the lengths she goes to in order to keep her gnashers gleaming.

The former glamour model gave her 220,000 YouTube followers a rare opportunity to see behind the scenes of her beauty regime as she had her new teeth fitted in Turkey.

Viewers were taken aback when the Brighton-born TV personality had her old veneers removed, leaving behind the pointed metal stumps pictured above.

“You can’t film them, that’s so bad,” Katie said as she covered her mouth with a tissue before lowering it to reveal her teeth.

“Welcome to Katie Price,” she joked.

“No pain no gain, if you want to get your teeth done you have to look like that.”

The Argus:

The sight took viewers by surprise. One said: “I never knew this was how veneers were done. At least she’s open and honest about it all, but I’ll stick to my OK creamy-coloured teeth I think.”

After ditching her old veneers, Katie then had a new set fitted which she described as “so much better than my old ones”.

“These are the whitest ones you can get,” she said.

The 42-year-old had the procedure alongside her partner Carl Woods.

The 31-year-old also had work carried out on his teeth at the dental facility in Turkey.

The Argus:

Katie said: “His are different, they cover the front of his teeth whereas mine cover my whole tooth.

“My teeth are more pegs, as you’ve seen how ugly it looks.

“Like proper scary, horror film s***.”

Katie received the treatment while sitting in a dentist chair with both her feet in full casts after breaking bones while jumping over a wall at an amusement park while on holiday in Turkey last week.

After the dental procedure was finished, she shared her joy at the results.

The Argus:

Speaking to camera for her YouTube channel, the mum-of-five said: “We’re finished at the dentist and we’re now going back to the hotel. I’m loving my new teeth.”

Katie said she would be returning with Carl the following day to “do our bite”.

The couple compared their new gnashers after having the work done, saying they now “had the same teeth”.

But Carl was less keen on talking to the camera as the pair left the site, saying he was in “agony” after the dental work.

Katie said: “Carl won’t be speaking, he’s in pain because he’s sensitive.”